Thors Snorresson

トールズ・スノーレソン, The Troll of Jom
Height: 180cm 511 Thors is the father of Thorfinn a Jomsviking general whose phenomenal combat prowess earns him the epithet quotThe Troll of Jomquot. Thors grows weary of battle after the birth of his children fakes his own death and retires to become a pacifist farmer. The Jomsvikings later discover that Thors is alive and force him to return to the battlefield. Thors is largely considered the greatest fighter to appear in the series having defeated the likes of Askeladd and Thorkell in single combat. Such was his strength that Floki was unwilling to engage him directly even with an entire squadron of Jomsviking warriors. Unlike his son Thors has no explicit or implied historical basis.