Even though Fams voice actor is usually listed first in the credits Ihrie is really the main character. She is a ruin explorer the name for those that seek treasure in ancient ruins. The specific treasure Ihrie is looking for is something called the Ultimate Power. She wants this to get revenge on her old master who taught her magic. When she was little she trashed the sorcerers laboratory when a spell went awry and he put a curse on her that changes her into a mouse whenever she uses her stronger magic. She has pills that will turn her back to normal but nevertheless it is rather inconvenient. Ihrie has a short temper especially toward Fam. Despite this they are really very good friends. Ihrie is the more responsible of the group but she is offended easily usually by someone mentioning the fact that she doesnt act like a girl very often. She is an accomplished swordswoman but far from the best. Ihries magic is also very special in that it is the same sort that Rugudorull uses and can therefore hurt him.