Akitaru Obi

秋樽桜備, Bodybuilding Gorilla

Gender: Male
Birth Date: March 27th
Sign: Aries
Age: 31
Height: 189 cm [6'2"]
Weight: 108 kg [238.14 lbs]
Blood Type: B
Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 8
Rank: Captain
Favorite Foods: Chicken Ramen
Least Favorite Food: Protein
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Color: Beige
His type: Someone with a strong sense of justice
Respects: The Chief of the Fire Defense Agency, his parents
Has trouble around: Captain Princess Hibana
Afraid of: Lieutenant Hinawa
Hobbies: Collecting records, Basketball, DIY Home Improvement (not good at it)
Daily Routine: Bodybuilding
Dream: To eradicate spontaneous human combustion from the world
Shoe Size: 29 cm [11.5]
Eyesight: 1.5 [20/12.5]
Favorite Subject: Industrial arts (got bad grades), history
Least Favorite Subject: None

The popular and charismatic leader of the newly established Company 8. His goal is to investigate the other companies and uncover the truth about spontaneous human combustion. He has no powers, but uses his finely-honed muscles as a weapon in a battle style that's on even par with Benimaru's. Loves bodybuilding to an almost creepy extent.

Despite not being a Pyrokinetic like most other known Battalion Commanders, Akitaru has a very fit physique, which allows him to face Infernals. In battle, he is seen using different weapons, suitable for the situation, like the Core Annihilating Pile Bunker or a fire fighting axe, which he can veil in white steam and thrust at the opponent. His weapons appear to be designed in order to impale an Infernal's core with low difficulty. He is able to carry up to 30kg of equipment each time he is on a mission to fight an Indernal. As a fire fighter, Akitaru was recognized enough to be decorated twice, though both were revoked due to actions prioritising saving citizens lives at the expense of defying orders.

(Source: Fire Force Wikia, Kodansha)