Takehisa Hinawa

Birthday:Sep 23
Blood Type:O
Height: 180 cm 511 Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 8 Rank: Lieutenant A dry unemotional exmilitary man whose stern disciplina is feared among the new recruits. He helped Obi to found Company 8. He never allows the soldiers to play with fire. The gun he uses is a cherished memento from his friend who became an Infernal. Abilities: Takehisa is a Second Generation who has awakened the ability to manipulate flames through the use of firearms such as a machine gun or a pistol which he wields on the battlefield. Takehisas ability allows him to control the gunpowder inside bullets making the impact they make stronger or weaker depending on the situation. He can use this ability to make his bullets nonlethal. With Trajectory Control Takehisa can change the trajectory of his bullets which allows him to shoot his targets at any given angle and from longer distances and with Bullet Speed Control he can accelerate said bullets leaving behind a trail of fire. With Ricochet Control Takehisa can force his bullets to rebound bounce or skip off a surface increasing their velocity. Takehisa is also equipped with a Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet which allows him to subdue and slow down an Infernals movements with relatively ease. Source: Fire Force Wikia Kodansha