Tamaki Kotatsu

Birthday:Feb 22
Blood Type:A
Height: 156 cm 51 Affiliation: Special Fire Force Company 8 Rank: Second Class Soldier A tough girl with an unfortunate lucky lecher lure condition she nevertheless has a pure heart. Abilities Being a Third Generation she is immune to being burnt by flames and can use her Ignition Ability to gird herself in pink flames which grant her various catlike traits including cat ears two forked tails and nails on her fingertips an ability she dubbed Nekomata. With her Ignition Ability active Tamakis agility and mobility is substantially increased allowing her to run on all fours. She can use her forkedtails to generate a blast of fire which is strong enough to break through building walls restrain her targets in a circle of fire by lengthening them or using them as a distress signal by the same process. Source: Fire Force Wikia Kodansha