Shousuke Komi

Age: 14 Relatives: Yuiko Komi grandmother Masayoshi Komi father Shuuko Komi mother Sadayoshi Komi uncle Ryouko Komi aunt Shouko Komi older sister Akira Komi cousin Shousuke Komi is Shoukos younger brother. Hes quiet most of the time but can converse well. Shousuke has short trimmed hair and his eyes are usually hidden with his bangs. Still his very appearance is similar to his mother and sister and can be referred to as a handsome man. Shousuke appears to share many traits with his older sister often choosing to remain silent and being widely popular among his peers as a result. Unlike Shouko who stays quiet mainly because of her anxieties and problems communicating Shousuke doesnt feel bothered talking perfectly capable of communicating without speaking in the first place. He is very apathetic often neglecting to do anything he deems annoying or pointless such as introducing himself to the class instead opting to remain silent. In contrast to his sister whose goal is to make friends Shousuke seems to be perfectly content being by himself as he often flatout ignores any classmates who invite him to eat lunch with them. Source: Komisan Wiki edited