Lynn Russell

リン・ラッセル, Rin Midorikawa, Milly, Gwendoline
Lynn is a cheerful and innocent 5yearold AngloJapanese girl who wishes to be accepted by her new family. Though she is halfEnglish and halfJapanese descent her appearance is predominantly English especially having a wavy blonde hair. Hailing from Japan her original name was Rin Midorikawa when she was still living there with her mother and her grandparents. Her mother died from a car accident while protecting Lynn and wasnt told the truth until Baroness Magdalene coldly told about it. She holds her mothers keepsake the Ladys Key and promised that shell persevere to become a true Lady. Lynn loves and cares for her father and sister so much that she is willing to make sacrifices even her own happiness just for their sake. Source: Wikipedia.