Masked Bishop
Luc is the holder of the True Wind Rune and is an apprentice under Leknaat. He is originally from Harmonia but he was involved in some kind of incident about ten years before the Dunan Unification War at the One Temple. He participated in both the Gate Rune Wars and Dunan Unifciation War upon Leknaats command and grudgingly fights in these wars. However when he confronted Sasarai a Harmonian High Priest he showed rare enthusiam to fight and caused the Harmonian forces to flee. Sometime after the Dunan Unification War he became worried about the future he saw coming from the True Rune and angered at his destiny as a vessel for True Runes. He believed that there would be complete balance Dharma in the world and it would be lifeless. He decided to take things into his own hands and attempted to destroy a true rune: his. He enlisted prominent strategist Albert Silverberg who helped him recruit Yuber the Black Knight and Sarah the great magician whom he rescued from the Circle Palace in Crystal Valley previously. Albert knows that to destroy the True Rune he needs control of multiple other true runes namely the other elemental runes. To execute his plan he became a bishop in Harmonia thanks to Hikusaak his identity hidden by a mask. Knowing he needs to bring the other true elemental rune bearers out into the open he first starts rumors about the Fire Bringer being active in the Grasslands. Then he helped incite a war in the Grasslands by having Sarah attack the Lizard Clan disguised as Chris Lightfellow of the Zexen Knights. The Lizard Clan Chief Zepon is killed in the attack causing the infuriated Lizard Clan to ambush the Zexen Knights resulting in allout war in the Grasslands. The ensuing conflict allowed him access to the bearers of the True Fire Water Earth and Lightning Runes and he was able to steal the runes using a technique he learned in Harmonia. However the Fire Bringer led by the Flame Champion were able to defeat him at the Ceremonial Site and stop his plans. He realized the futility of his plans and makes peace with his mentor Leknaat whom he betrayed but it is too late for him. He dies together with Sarah and his soul is gone forever at rest. KoRnholio Suikosource.