Ramuda Amemura

飴村乱数, easy R
Birthday:Feb 14
MC Name: easy R Division: Shibuya Solo Song: drops Quote: The optimist sees the doughnut the pessimist sees the hole. One of the four former members of The Dirty Dawg and current leader of Fling Posse alongside his teammates Arisugawa Dice and Yumeno Gentaro. Despite his childlike appearance hes quickwitted and is able to get a total understanding on how others perceive him. He livens up the scene with his innocent appearance but ends up saying unnecessary things and his natural airheadedness causes him to misread the atmosphere. By nature he doesnt really enjoy the company of others but his cute demeanor allows him to be endearing to all. Regardless of age he refers to all women as oneesans lit. big sisters. Although hes popular and charismatic he doesnt really have any meaningful relationships. He always carries candy with him and will happily share with anyone who gives him a pat on the head. Ramuda does have a tendency to be sly and manipulative to get what he wants. Despite his carefree and child like behavior he changes demeanor completely when upset. He suddenly becomes more serious and uses his natural much deeper voice. Hes extremely hostile towards Jakurai Jinguji and both parties blame each other for the downfall of The Dirty Dawg. He seems to be aiding Kadenokouji Ichijiku in keeping an eye on the other divisions. Shes aware of Ramudas true nature. However neither Gentaro or Dice are aware that Ramuda is in touch with her. Source: HypMic Wiki