Chiaki Enno

Chiaki Enno is a normal school girl living in a shrine with her grandmother Saki. Chiaki takes care of the shrine often wearing a priestess outfit. She is the descendant of Ozune Enno the great master that fought evil and was able to summon and seal guardian spirits. He was the first to fight the evil Karuma. Chiaki is also able to turn Zenki into the guardian spirit cast powerful spells and improve the strength of Zenki. She once summoned a small fluffy guardian spirit that is the mascot of the team. Her parents are working abroad and do not appear in the anime. Chiaki is kind honest and has a good heart. She believes in people and wants to protect them. Chiaki has two dear friends at school. She often quarrels with Zenki like he were her little brother mostly because he is disobedient and shows no respect to other people. In fact Zenki is her best friend. The bond between her and Zenki and Goki becomes very powerful and indestructible.