Yang Xiao Long

ヤン・シャオロン, Firecracker
Yang is the halfsister of Ruby Rose member of team RWBY and a huntress in training at Beacon academy. She claims to be a thrill seeker and states that is the main reason she is a huntress. One of her current and biggest goals is finding her mother who went missing shortly after Yang was born. Yang is a fairskinned young girl with lilac eyes and bright golden hair worn loose that fades to pale gold at the tips with a cowlick sticking out at the top. When enraged her eyes turn red. She wears a tan jacket that bares her midriff with golden brown piping and short puffy sleeves with black cuffs that feature two gold buttons. Underneath this she wears a low cut yellow crop top with her emblem on the left breast in black. She also wears a brown belt covered by a pleated brown piece of material reaching from hip to hip around the back of her waist with her emblem emblazoned on the rightmost pleat in gold. Underneath this is a longer white asymmetrical piece of material reaching to her knee on the right side as well as a pair of black minishorts. She wears a pair of brown kneehigh boots and orange overtheknee socks with the right sock pushed down just below the knee. A purplishgray bandanna is tied around her left knee. An orange infinity scarf and black fingerless gloves complete her outfit. While riding her motorcycle Bumblebee she wears yellow goggles and a matching helmet that bears her emblem in black on either side. While outdoors she sometimes wears a pair of yellowrimmed aviator sunglasses.