Pyrrha Nikos

The Invincible Girl
Pyrrha was a very professionallycapable friendly righteous yet relaxed and selfless person. She was a composed and collected individual who despite being a celebrity was modest and patient around other people making her very sociable. Additionally she tended to be quite formal. In addition to her impressive range of combat abilities she was a quick thinker knowing her limits and assessing her opponents before acting. Pyrrha took her studies and relationships equally seriously making her a bit stubborn and emotionally sensitive. This came from her loyalty toward her friends as well as her good intent. She was willing to keep secrets and help friends in need. She quickly became good friends with her teammates especially Jaune and got along with the rest of Team RWBY often having conversations during lunches and sharing a similar schedule during classes. However she felt that she struggled to make friends as everyone saw her celebrity status before considering her personal self. Her limited experience with people led her to apologize even when helping them. Pyrrhas righteousness willed her to take risks for the greater good and always concern herself with the ethics of making decisions such as volunteering to be the next Fall Maiden. She was willing to become the Fall Maiden despite the risks to her wellbeing and concerns over the scruples of the transfer process. For most of her life Pyrrha believed she was destined to be a great Huntress one that would protect the world and strived for this goal no matter what she could lose. Pyrrha was selfless to a fault one of the traits that harmed her most. Pyrrhas selfless nature combined with her beliefs of carrying out her duties as a huntress made it difficult if not outright impossible for her to make decisions for herself out of fear of letting down those who have placed their faith in her. Regardless of the potential dangers of taking such powers through unorthodox means she was not fazed by it as much as the idea of losing Jaune and her friends.