Shu Shirakawa

Units: Granzon and Neo Granzon Group: Divine Crusaders Theme Song: Dark Prison Personality And Traits: Shu Shirakawa conducts himself in an extremely proper manner but despite this propriety he is not above condescending his enemies for their weakness. On top of this Shu is an incredibly intelligent individual and despite his young age he has earned a number of PhD039s and is a brilliant scientist. Not only that he actually comes from La Gias where there are only highly developed alchemies and magics but Shu maanged to adopt himself into the Earth science very quickly and even managed to combine it with alchemies and magics. He also is an excellent alchemist and has high amount of mana even higher than prince Palelordthough he came to this world and worked with DC developing Granzon and later becoming its pilot. After Bian039s death his motives are unknown. He039s appeared during several battles and helped defeat the DC remnants and Inspectors. He039s always being chased by Masaki his archenemy. He cherishes his freedom and hates being controlled by people.