Aoba Tsukishima

月島青葉, Ao
The third daughter of the Tsukishima family one year younger than K and Wakaba. Aoba is jealous of how much time Wakaba spends with K and frequently tells K how much she hates him. She is an excellent pitcher K modeling after her. She has a poster of Ryota Igarashi a famous fastball pitcher hanging on her bedroom wall and says she is only interested in a guy who can pitch a fastball at 160 km/h about 100 mph. She loves to pitch in practice games even though as a girl she cannot play in official baseball. However she rarely shows her real speed as most catchers cant handle it. Her name means quotblue leafquot. Upon entering high school she has joined the baseball team despite saying previously she would not. She has been asked out repeatedly and is constantly refusing boys. Yuhei has recently expressed feelings for her and while she admits to Junpei that she likes him a bit she only thinks about it when asked. There is indication that she likes K as well.