Ginzou Fujiwara

Known as the most powerful man in Japan Ginzou better known as Gin is a rich playboy who comes to know Kirara after saving her from being raped by another guy. He is attracted to her instantly but does not realize that the feelings he holds for her are truly love seeing as how he has never actually loved a woman before. It is because of his influence and power that Kirara rises in poularity as an idol. Although in his teens Gin has a future in politics seeing as how his father is a politician and expects him to become involved in politics as well. Extremely wealthy and pompous Gin thinks that money can buy anything even someones heart. He is friends with Sakuya Ookouchi the main character of one of Mayu Shinjous other works Kaikan Phrase and looks up to him. One day he wishes to become as sauve and cool as he his but is jealous of Kiraras admiration towards him.