Amuro Ray

アムロ・レイ, White Devil, White Unicorn, White Shooting Star
Birth Date: November 4 0064 U.C. Height: 168cm MSG 180cm MSGCC Age: 15 MSG 23 MSGZ 29 MSGCC Amuro was born on Earth and raised in the space colonies of Side 7. Amuros father is an Earth Federation technician who helps the Federation build new weapon designs. Since he sees many of his fathers work hes a very skilled technician himself. As soon as Zeon attacked the colony he was living in he came across the RX782 Gundam and used it to stop them. After countless battles Amuro learned of his Newtype abilities and was considered one of the strongest mobile suit pilots. Since the Gundam was white he was considered the White Ghost by many of his enemies. After the One Year War Amuro was placed under house arrest by the Titan forces believing that he would join the AEUG. Eventually that is what Amuro did and was able to escape Titan hands with some help from his friend Fraw Bow. He teams up with Kamille and teaches him the ways of a Newtype but he cant help but feel jealous that hes no longer considered the famous Gundam pilot. After the war between the Titans and the AEUG Amuro returns to the E.F.S.F. to fight against the Neo Zeon threat. He becomes part of the Londo Bell forces with Bright Noa. Soon Amuro became one of the E.F.S.F. best pilots and was given higher honor among all soldiers of the E.F.S.F.