Miou Aida

Birthday:Mar 20
Blood Type:A
Height: 153 cm 50 Miou is very demure as a teenager making her presence small wherever she goes. Her shyness extends to romantic interactions particularly with Haruki she doesnt make any overt gestures of affection to him but she does show her love passively like waiting for him so they can walk home every day. Aside from being shy shes also very fragile she cries when she thinks that Haruki may like someone else and bursts into happy tears when Haruki returns after seven years. Compared to her friends Miou is a lot more selfcriticizing. She recognizes that she was not forward with Haruki and does not like that she cannot muster up the courage to push their relationship forwards but has come to terms with their initially doomed romance. She gains a more nostalgic perspective on the matter in adulthood.