Natsuki Enomoto

榎本夏樹, Nacchan
Birthday:Jun 27
Height: 161 cm 53 Energetic passionate and loud Natsuki has a very active and tomboyish personality. Shes not very good at activities usually considered feminine like cooking or applying makeup but she wants to improve at them for herself and for the sake of a relationship with Yu. Shes a very emphatic person but a lot of the time shes oblivious to the feelings of others. Although in love with Yu she takes for granted that theyve known each other for years and didnt stop to think about his feelings when she hangs out with Koyuki or Haruki. She doesnt think much of Koyukis intention to take her out to something she likes thinking that his intentions were completely platonic. She often compares herself to Miou and Akari in terms of what to be as girls and as fellow artists given that theyre always winning critical reception and Natsuki is very small time. She tries to hold herself to standards she cant reach and doesnt know what she wants out of life. When touching upon subjects with heavy weight to them she dances around ideas by shifting the conversation to something else and saves the conversation for a later date. Source: Love Committee Wikia