Free De La Hoya

フリー・デラホーヤ, Golden Boy
Birthday:Nov 11
Free De La Hoya Fur Derahya is a character appearing in the anime/manga series Beyblade Burst Evolution. He was initially the leader of Spanish team BC Sol until he left and became a member of the American team the Raging Bulls. He eventually returned to Spain and rejoined BC Sol as its leader. Currently he is a member of the Big Five. His current Beyblade is Geist Fafnir 8Proof Absorb. He was the worlds Number 1 Blader until he had his first loss to Lui Shirosagi. However in Episode 47 he defeats Lui Shirosagi in the International Bladers Cup to regain his title. In Episode 50 he forfeits his match with Valt Aoi due to the injuries in his right arm.