Ash Crimson

Birthday:Feb 14
Ash is a clever trickster and serves as an antivillain as well as an antihero in the series. He is cunning and manipulative often condescending friend or foe to his whim and has ambiguous morals in his actions. He often gains his teammates through promises that he can fulfill though he rarely specifies the means of granting them. One case in particular would be his teammates Oswald and Shen Woo as he pits them against one another to get their desires. Despite being seemingly frail by appearance Ash is powerful as he was able to defeat Iori whilst in his Riot of Blood state seemingly with ease. Ash is a cunning self righteous and flamboyant individual. Confident in his own powers he doesnt take things too seriously and considers things that are of no interest bothersome. Even when faced with serious situations he is calm and somewhat blas. He isnt one who considers working with others but instead uses others to achieve his goals. He tends to flaunt the superiority of his halfhearted effort and speaks in a playful and condescending manner which often irritates the characters he is speaking to. He views Elisabeth as his older sister figure and notes that she is too serious. He feels that Duo Lon and Shen Woo are his good friends although he appeared to them with mysterious intentions. He also has a habit of calling people pet names such as Betty for Elisabeth and Ozzy for Oswald. His personality seems to slightly change when actively using the power of the Yasakani jewel. Usually calm and composed when using his Fructidor move Ash will laugh maniacally while making his opponent burn with the purple flames of the Yasakani. This behavior is similar to Iori and it may be interpreted as Orochis taint affecting his mind.