Marlya Noel

A new recruit in Dorothea an organization dedicated to fighting Fairyrelated crime and illegal activity. She is a special case who has the ability to control fairies without undergoing fairy organ implant surgery. Her village was burned down during the war leaving her and her childhood friend Veronica as the sole survivors. She was separated from Veronica but eventually learned that Veronica became an assassin who wanted revenge. Maria joined Dorothea in order to stop Veronica. She was raised by a hunter and knows her way around hunting rifles and blades in a fight. She is normally quite easygoing but easily becomes emotional when the subject turns to Veronica. Ashclad Marias fairy. It has the power to generate extremely high heat from its hand such that anything it touches is reduced to ash. Marlya has blue eyes and redishbrown hair. She wears the main Fairy Regulatory Dorothea uniform. Marlya carries a sniper on her back with her at all times.