Midori Naha

名波 翠
A recent transfer student that possesses the same kind of supernatural powers that Ran herself does Midori initially behaves adversarially in order to appraise the scope of Rans psychic powers and is found to be responsible for the earlier cryptic telepathic warnings about something beginning. As she goes to take her seat on the first day of class it becomes evident that Midori has had a rough background involving rejection by her mother related to her psychic powers. Midoris subsequent belief that friends are an absurd waste of time and that the sweettalking maintenance of a straight face being a signal of treachery inhibits Midori from having it demonstrated that there are people that will behave toward her as Rui does toward Ran once they make her euphoric acquaintance. Fortunately Ran saving her from plummeting off the school roof during the resolution of Ruis abduction inspires Midori to turn over a new leaf and give friendship another chance. She is in love with Rin Rans brother. from Wikipedia