Tokiko Mima

巳真兎季子, Key
Mima Tokiko commonly referred to as Key is the granddaughter of Mima Murao and Mima Tomiko. She appears as a somewhat autistic child throughout the majority of the series. Key like her mother and grandmother before her exhibited strong supernatural powers. However Dr. Mima used gel extracted from Keys mother to suppress her powersand her humanityin order to keep her safe from Ajo. He encouraged Key to believe she was just another of his many robots in order to deceive Ajo. 30000 peoples will is required to reverse Dr. Mimas treatment and to restore Keys true self. However Key is able to awaken and use her powers for short periods during moments of extreme emotional stress. Keys presence is disruptive to PPOR robots. This and the fact that Key would be capable of producing an extremely large amount of quality Gel makes her a target for Ajo and his henchmen.