Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi

ティリメンテンピボッシジャコ, Jako Teirimentenpibosshi

An alien cop who came to Earth to stop a dangerous invader.

Jaco is an alien resembling a robot with a mainly light blue head, save for his purple scalp. He has yellow eyes, and his nose and mouth are very human. His entire body is purple as well. According to Jaco, he is the 3rd shortest out of the 38 Galactic Patrolmen, at 148 cm (4' 10¼")

He is an alien who has a large amount of pride in his duties. He is also somewhat blank, as he was willing to use an Extinction Bomb to wipe out humanity just because Omori criticized them. He also views anyone who cannot live up to his expectations as inferior. However, this idea may be due to his extreme loyalty to his planet, so he will agree with their views on humanity. He also hates to be called short, as he nearly killed a civilian for it and also tends to get panicked quite easily.