Tengen Uzui

宇髄天元, Sound Hashira, Sound Pillar
Birthday:Oct 31
Height: 198 cm 66 Combat Style: Sound Breathing A Demon Slayer and the Sound Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. Tengen is a very eccentric person always wanting to complete actions as flashy as possible. Although he has displayed an uncaring and forceful attitude towards some people he also has a caring side that is mainly only shown towards his most treasured ones most notably his three wives Makio Suma and Hinatsuru. He also shows a somewhat nicer side towards Tanjiro after their mission and starts to accept him more as the series goes on. Tengen is a very tall wideset man of a bulky muscular build with lightlytanned skin. His hair is white and of uneven length the longest strands reaching his shoulders and is styled with three more notable shorter clumps arching up to fall as bangs between his eyes and on either side of his face. Tengen is most often seen wearing a sleeveless and dark turquoise version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform. He also wears two thick golden rings around his upper arms.