Index Librorum Prohibitorum

禁書目録, インデックス, Dedicatus545
Height: 148 cm 410 Classification: Magician Affiliation: Anglican Church Ability: Spell Intercept Index also known by her full name Index Librorum Prohibitorum is one of the main heroines and the titular character of the series. She is a young nun from Necessarius a branch of the Church of England. Index is small in stature and has a petite build. About 14 or 15 years old she has thighlength silveryblue hair with very white skin and large green eyes. She also wears a white robe with golden embroidery sewed onto every edge of it the Walking Church that prevents any injury on her but it is later destroyed by Tma when he touched it with his right hand which is why her uniform is stitched with golden pins. Her mind has been implanted with the 103000 magical texts of the IndexLibrorumProhibitorum as she possesses photographic memory which makes magicians wonder if she really is human because just one grimoire is poisonous to the mind and one is more than enough to kill a person without the proper preparative. Her sorcery name is Dedicatus545 The lamb is devoted to protecting the wisdom of the strongest. The Church says that the grimoires take up 85 of her mind so she only has 15 of memory space left to use in daily activities which allows her to live normally for less than a year. However all of this is revealed to be a lie after Tma begins to question how the Church even got to numbers like 15 and 85 and finds out from Komoe that the human mind can store an unlimited amount of memories. This was purposely done as the Church planned to make the grimoires harder to access by telling their underlings to perform maintenance on her mind in exactly oneyear intervals once her memory has come to its limit that way she will not remember her close friends and accidentally and/or purposely reveal the contents of the grimoires. When she is being invaded by outsiders or injured her selfprotection system personality Johanns Pen will be activated to allow her to use magic to cast highclass magic attacks such as St. Georges Sanctuary and Dragons Breath. Her selfprotection system will use the Feather of Light to force a reset on Indexs own memory should a manual reset fail to be performed. Although she does not know that she has magical powers she can easily identify the types of magic by seeing it or somebody describing it to her and know how to counter them. Her vast knowledge of the IndexLibrorumProhibitorum within her mind makes her to be one of the most powerful characters so far and becomes very helpful to her friends in various situations using skills like Spell Intercept and Sheol Fear and makes her a target of interest for many. She is often elated by a variety of things and is slightly ignorant and curious of modern technology. She usually is gentle and polite with people and has a kind nature but she is also easily irritated especially by Tma who usually ends making her mad in some way as consequence of his bad luck which ends with her biting him. She also has an large appetite and uses any excuse to get food from anyone and likes watching an anime series called Magical Powered Kanamin. Source: Wikipedia