Saito Hiraga

平賀才人, Gandálfr, Lífþrasir, Dog, Baka Inu, Saito Chevalier de Hiraga, Saito de Hiraga des Ornières
Age: 17 Height: 172 cm 58 Birthday: December 9th Favorite Food: Teriyaki Burgers Hobbies: The Internet Special Skills: Good with Action Games Swordsmanship Hates: His P.E. Teacher Weapon: Delflinger a sentient sword Saito is a student from Tokyo Japan. One day his laptop got broken and he decided to repair it however learning of the expensive fee for repair he does not continue the repair thinking of applying for a parttime job. As he walks down the streets a mysterious portal appears before him which can be only seen by him. He touches it out of curiosity but it sucks him up despite his attempts to break free from it. Upon getting sucked he arrives in Halkeginia as summoned by Louise de la Vallire as her familiar. source: The Familiar of Zero Wiki