Cosmo Imai

今井コスモ, The King of Stranglers
Birthday:Jan 30
Imai Cosmo also known as The King of Stranglers is one of the affiliated fighters employed for Nishihonji Security Services and also one of Nishihonjis Seven Fists. He represented Nishihonji Security Services during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Imai Cosmo has a very happygolucky personality and is almost always cheerful and smiling. He was called a social butterfly while in school for having friends across different cliques. He is easy to get along with and makes friends with several of the other fighters even ones he has just fought. He is a quick learner being flexible and adaptable. As a child Cosmo was getting into fights on the streets day in and day out until he met Kureishi Mitsuyo a mixed martial artist who offered to teach him martial arts. Cosmo proved to be a natural at it so much so that when one of Kureishis other students a young businessman named Nishihonji Akira came to recruit Kureishi to fight for his business Kureishi instead referred him to Cosmo. At the tender age of 14 Cosmo became the youngest person to ever debut in the Kengan matches taking down a giant man 20cm taller and 30kg heavier into submission. He attended high school during most of his tenure as a fighter and struggled to keep his brother and school friends from knowing about his rather unusual parttime job. At the age of 17 Nishihonji brought him to fight Anderson Arona a public MMA fighter. Despite Aronas impressive win streak in Cage Fight Cosmo ended up easily defeating him and causing Arona to retire from fighting altogether. Source: Kenganverse Wiki