Obanai Iguro

Birthday:Sep 15
Obanai is a Demon Slayer and the Snake Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. A young man of short stature and a pale complexion. He has straightedged black hair of varying lengths the longest reaching down to his shoulders and the shortest stopping at his cheekbones which he wears down with two shorter strands hanging between his eyes. He wears a navy blue version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform along with a black and white pinstriped haori the hem and cuffs of which are striped lengthways rather than vertically which covers his hands. Obanai also sports bandages in place of the legwraps around his calves as well as another set of bandages that cover his mouth and bluestrapped zori on his feet. He is also always seen with his white snake Kaburamaru wrapped around his shoulders.