Oboro Mochizuki

望月 朧
Oboro Mochizuki is a young star and an idol in the present day Japan appearing in various films and television dramas. Like many others he too received the mysterious red calling card of Psyren but in an attempt to reveal its secrets to the nation on a local talk show he was swiftly silenced by Nemesis Q causing him to collapse live on air. If not for the timely intervention of both Elmore Tenjuin and Van this event would have proved fatal. By his own admission Oboro is a selfish and narcissistic individual who tends to prejudicially look down upon others that he meets despite being rather simple minded. Even with all the immense privileges presented to him in light of his profession Oboro still asserts that his current life style is insufficient and tedious resulting in the development of an unhealthy infatuation for danger and destruction. This meant that unlike the majority of others that were confronted with the atrocity of the future that is Psyren Oboro didn039t become perplexed at the explanation but rather found the sparkle in his eyes rekindle as he listened. Despite all these various character flaws Oboro seemingly develops a PSI ability intended to benefit those around him instead of himself in the form of Cure however he has so far only utilized it in order to preserve the lives that serve his own convenience or personal feelings. Amongst these chosen few Ageha is considered especially important as Oboro believes he is a vital component to maintaining the presence of interesting situations within his life. Psyren Wikia