Anya Forger

アーニャ・フォージャー, Test Subject 007, Anya Williams, Anya Levski, Anya Roche, Anya Klein, K-212, Princess Anya, Chihuahua Girl Starlight Anya
Age:6 (self asserted)
Height: 99.5 cm 32 Occupation: FirstGrade Student Test Subject Formerly Affiliation: Eden Academy Unknown Organization Formerly Relatives: Loid Forger Adoptive Father Yor Forger Adoptive Mother Anya Forger is the deuteragonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is a young girl who Twilight finds at an orphanage. Believing her to be a smart child he decides to adopt her for his mission. What he doesnt know is that Anya is an esper who escaped from the Lab that gave her the power to read minds. Starving for excitement in her life after spending most of it so far in a lab Anya actively sought to be the one adopted by Loid and then make sure Loid and Yor got together so she could have a spy and assassin for parents. Anya is the only Forger aware of just about everyones Secret Identities but keeps it to herself out of fear that if her psychic powers are exposed shell be put in a lab again.