Yor Forger

ヨル・フォージャー, Yor Briar (ヨル・ブライア), Thorn Princess (Ibara-hime‚ いばら姫), Yorticia
Occupation: City Hall Clerk Assassin Covertly Affiliation: Berlint City Hall Garden Covertly Relatives: Loid Forger Husband Anya Forger Adoptive Daughter Yuuri Briar Younger Brother Yor Forger is the tritagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is a clerical employee at the Berlint City Hall. She is softspoken and mildmannered but has a strong sense of humor. She has a bad drinking habit and falls into a coma when she drinks. At home she struggles to be a good wife and a kind mother. Although her cooking skills are not very good she likes to keep clean and is good at cleaning. While she works in the capital of Ostanias city hall... or at least thats her civilian cover. In truth she is an infamous Professional Killer known as Thorn Princess. After becoming overly fixated on the idea her cover might be blown after a coworker ribs her about not being married or even having a boyfriend Yor suggests to Loid a Marriage of Convenience which he accepts as he needs a mother for Anya for his own mission.