Daisuke Goryou


Daisuke is a highschool student boy with black hair and black eyes. He is always in his uniform when in school.

Daisuke is kind to everyone. He is stupid and gets easily tricked by anything especially Kotone's hypnotism. Just like Chiaki he doesn't mostly think of what will happend and just keep going by flow. Daisuke is also somewhat calm in any situation that happens in their club. He is also seen to be very bad in subjects especially in exams.

When school was just finished, Daisuke was thinking of joining any clubs while most of his classmates already has one due to being free in the time. He was ordered to carry some boxes away to the outside storage and got lost. Daisuke walks by a clubroom while mistakenly thinking it as a storage room. He entered and met the girls inside for the first time.