Iris Irene

The heir to leadership of Fayon village of warriors. Iris is a cleric in training and knows many healing spells. She uses Rune Cards papers that are concealed with magic inscribed with magical runes to debilitate the enemy and help her allies. Iris has been best friends with Chaos for years and cares about him a great deal She even calls herself as Chaos girlfriend sometimes. Though she considers herself dignified and ladylike shes prone to throwing tantrums and acting childish when shes excited. She admires Fenris greatly and has a running rivalry with the thief Lidia. Currently her greatest enemy is her halfsister the valkyrie Sara Irine. She wields the magicdestroying sword Chonryongdo one of three legendary dragon blades. It should be noted that in the English version there are multiple variations of the spelling of quotChonryongdoquot eg Chernryongdo though none reflect the actual Korean spelling Hepburn Romanisation suggesting instead Cheongryongdo.