Lalah Sune

ララァ・スン, Ghost of Solomon
Birthday:Nov 21
Nationality: Indian Lalah is a young woman who is the star student of Professor Flanagan due to her strong Newtype abilities and as such is also one of the key test subjects in the development of Newtyperelated weaponry. Being one of the earliest and most successful known Newtypes her powers are accompanied by a profound spiritual awareness. Despite her gentle nature Lalah is fiercely loyal to the man who saved her life Char Aznable the scheming Red Comet who found her in an Indian brothel where she worked after losing her parents in the war. She was assigned to pilot the Newtype use mobile armor MAN08 Elmeth as a part of the Newtype research project conducted by the Flanagan Institute. Lalah is ranked as an ensign under Char. Lalah has a profound impact on Amuro and is considered his first love. During the Elmeths test run which saw its Newtype bits weaponry wreak havoc on the Federal Fleet guarding the newlycaptured Zeon base Solomon Amuro in the Gundam engaged the Elmeth but found out the pilot was Lalah. Both then realized they were soulmates and shared a Newtype bonding a sort of telepathic bond.