Sumireko Sanshokuin

三色院菫子, Panji, Pansy, 三色華
Birthday:Dec 31
Blood Type:O
Sumireko Sanshokuin is one of the three initial heroines introduced in the series. Her nickname Pansy is a wordplay from her full name . When the and removed the remaining character form the Japanese name for Viola tricolor or Wild Pansy flower. She is usually called by her nickname to those who are close to her. Initially introduced as a librarian committee member with a petite build and plain face she spends her time observing people who come to the library and somehow took interest in Kisaragi Amatsuyu. She is known to be gloomy by the majority of the student. She usually ties her hair in braids. In actuality she hid her true looks behind plain getup and a sarashi to bind her chest to make it smaller than it actually is. Amatsuyu describes her true looks as Big Breasted Cuties. In her true form she is admittedly beautiful even rivaling the schools beauty queens Cosmos and Himawari. Her personality is generally polite to her peers only turning sharptongued when interacting with Amatsuyu. She is shown to be a rather observant character as she is able to assess a situation from the sideline. She also has aboveaverage intellect shown by her capability to tutor her fellow friends. Beneath her gloom and timid look she hides a strong charismatic presence. Although she is beautiful she is not comfortable showing people her true form as she stated that shed only let Amatsuyu see her in her true form when asked to change her looks in general by Amatsuyu. She is good at Classic Literature. She doesnt like Math. She is the original affection object of Taiyou Oga. The thing she wants the most is a preserved confined and ornamented Joro. When asked whether she wants a dog or a cat she picked Amatsuyu reinforcing the fact of her infatuation for Amatsuyu. She also has never read a manga before. She compared herself to a chameleon alluding to her doublefaced nature that hides her true look to blend with the background. She likes to stalk Amatsuyu as she stated that itll be the most likely thing for her to do first thing in the morning. Shes a morning person. She likes Western Food. Her favorite season is Spring. She hates eating konyaku and she also hates cars.