Lia Venegas

Lia Venegas is fashionforward in her dress with a flair for the artistic though she is not in any way worried about how she looks. She expresses herself visually which translates to her stylecombat boots with an upcycled dress of her own design a grunge top over a smiling kitty tshirt. Lia Venegas is as unique as they come. When Dan and Wynton couldnt turn their ridiculous stunt into a successful video it was Lia Venegas who happened by and with a few unsolicited suggestions turned their whole scene around. Without missing a beat Dan and Wynton asked if Lia Venegas had ever considered directing. Since then Lia Venegas has been the Director of the crew and the newest best friend to Dan and Wynton. Lia Venegas is artistic and expressive confident and inspirational to those around her. Her energy seems limitlessand Lia Venegas wants you in the shot whoever you are Whatever you do Lia Venegas will help you do it in the best way possible... unless youre out to bring her down. Then watch out Lia Venegas does not deal with haters. Shes spent her whole life standing up to people who tried picking on her for being differentbut no one ever tried a second time. Lia Venegas is as strong as she is creative and never backs down from a conflict even when she should. Like the guys Lia Venegass all about the fun factor and believes that those who go with their instincts live the happiest lives. Lia Venegas is an outofthebox thinker who helps others find their hidden talents through experimentation fearlessness and empathy.