Wynton Styles

Wynton has a laidback slackerhacker style that accommodates the endless bits of gear and tech he seems to produce from thin air. A multipurpose hackpack slung over his shoulder completes the look. Wynton and Dan have been friends since the first grade. They met when Dan tried to backflip off of the lunch table and his handheld game system went flying into a wall. Wynton fixed it with a paperclip and some gum. Yes Wynton is smart. Really smart. And like a lot of smart kids he keeps his talents to himself because he doesnt like the expectations that the world puts on him. The only kids who know the real Wynton are Dan and Lia Venegas because they see him as a complete person. So even though Wynton is definitely the brains of the crew dont call him smart without adding the word mouth after it. Overcompensating for his excessive intelligence Wynton is a prankster whose jokes often get him in hot water. He has been cooking up chaos with Dan since forever. It makes for great videos... and the occasional trip to the Principals office. Wynton is an analytical thinker who uses his perspective to uncover the hidden secrets of people places and things though he rarely looks inside of himself.