Hyun Lee

이현, 위드 (Weed), Princess Knight, Sculptor Weed, God of War, Dark Knight, Wargod Weed, God of Hardwork, God of Sculpting, King Weed, Great Emperor, Divine King, Cockroach King
+Occupation: Dark Gamer Student Known Relatives: Lee Hayan sister Grandma Profession: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Necromancer Warrior Warrior of the Sun Alias: Karichwi Orc form Art Hand Dwarf form Deorol/Clongy Lich form Crow / Raven form Bone Dragon form Chaos Warrior form Ice Troll form Gold Bug Dark Gamers Deruger Monster form Hummingbird form Portu Kingdom Archer form Barbarian form Pony form Giant Asian Black Bear form Griffon form Squashy Wriggler Underground Monster form Monkfish form Lee Hyun is a high school dropout with an enormous debt inherited from his deceased parents. Upon placing his gaming avatar from the game The Continent of Magic on an auction the news spreads nationwide and a fierce competition to win Hyuns avatar breaks out. The price is eventually raised to 3.1 billion won around 2.76 million US dollars. However the great majority of this sum is soon taken by loan sharks who show up to collect the debt owed by his father. Hes then left with only 90 million won around 80 thousand US dollars ... 60 million of which goes to pay for a small house for his grandmother and sister to live in. The loan sharks leave with a challenge to Lee Hyun to make the same amount of money in five years to get his revenge on them. Determined to send his little sister Hayan to college and take revenge on the loan sharks he begins to train his body in martial arts and learns how to play the most popular game in Korea the virtual reality MMORPG Royal Road. Lee Hyun begin to create a strong and famous avatar in Royal Road in order to make money and have his revenge. Using his old avatar name Weed he spends 4 ingame weeks swinging a sword at a training scarecrow nonstop at his starting city Serabourg City situated in the Rosenheim Kingdom. He befriends players and looks for a class that will make him powerful enough to become rich.