Aoko Nakamori

中森 青子
Kaitos best friend ever since they were young children. She currently attends Ekoda High School as a secondyear student in class 2B along with Kaito Keiko Akako and Saguru. Aoko dislikes the Kaitou Kid for making a mockery of her father Ginzo Nakamori but may be unaware that Kid is actually her best friend in disguise. Kaito and Aoko have been best friends since they were little and first met at the clock tower. Kaito often teases Aoko by flipping her skirt. However it has been seen that Kaito is quite protective of Aoko and doesnt appear to want her to go on a date with Saguru Hakuba Aoko was somewhat suspicious that Kaito was actually Kaitou Kid and in order to prove his innocence she brought him along to a movie when a heist had been scheduled. She handcuffed him to the seat but Kaito managed to escape and pull off the heist thus veering Aokos suspicions away from him. Although neither has admitted it as of yet it is shown that the two have feelings for each other.