Ginzo Nakamori

中森銀三, Mace Fuller
Nakamori is an inspector for the Tokyo district. His division is nominally devoted to fraud cases but he spends most of his time and energy capturing the gentleman thief Kaitou Kid. Nakamori has been dealing with Kaitou Kid ever since he first joined the police force not knowing that he has been dealing with the original Kaitou Kid Toichi Kuroba and the new Kaitou Kid Toichis son Kaito who is best friend and the romantic interest of his daughter Aoko. Nakamori used to be a homicide police inspector but gave that up to focus his time more on Kid. Nakamori has a fiery and boisterous personality always yelling to direct his officers and losing his cool when one of his plans goes awry. Nakamori is extremely self confident. He is usually very selfassured his plans will work and cackles madly to himself at the thought of Kaitou Kid being caught in them. His many failures dont stop him from proudly declaring on live news broadcasts he will surely nab the Kid next time. Nakamoris experience in chasing Kid is balanced by his impulsivity which is his downfall. After a surprise Nakamori is typically drawn into chasing a Kaitou Kid dummy or shutting off the defensive measures instead of wisely making sure that Kaitou Kid isnt still on the scene or only pretending to have bypassed security which is often really the case. Though a dedicated and capable police officer Nakamori is always outsmarted by Kid and even when he captures Kid Kid somehow finds a way to escape. Nakamori doesnt like asking for help but heavily appreciates the work of Conan Edogawa who often lends him a hand in trying to outsmart and capture Kid. All of the Kids cases that involved Conan end with the Kid giving back the treasure that he robs. Despite his intense dislike for Kid Nakamori respects his rivals personality and sense of honor willingly acknowledging that murder or similar capital crimes are completely out of the question for Kid. He becomes depressed and worried when Kid doesnt send out notices in a while because it means he has nothing to do the return of Kaitou Kid pleased him greatly. Source: Detective Conan World