Itachi Uchiha

Name: Uchiha Itachi Age: 1718 I 21 II Birthday: June 9th Zodiac: Gemini Height: 175 cm I 178 cm II Weight: 57 kg I 58 kg II Blood Type: AB Nature Type: Fire and Water From: Konohagakure Leaf Rank: Sclass MissingNin Registered Ninja : 012110 Affiliation: Akatsuki Ring: Shu Red Finger Position: Right Ring Partner: Hoshigaki Kisame Favorite Foods: Rice balls kelp cabbage Least Favorite Foods: Steak Hobby: Visiting traditional Japanese cafs First Manga Appearance: Ch. 139 First Anime Appearance: Ep. 80 Assignments Completed: 53 DRank 152 CRank 134 BRank 0 ARank 1 SRank Famous Quote: Foolish little brother if you wish to kill me hate me detest me and survive in an unsightly way. Run run and cling to life. Background Itachi Uchiha is a missingnin from Konohagakure and a prominent member of Akatsuki partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. He is Sasuke Uchihas older brother. Itachi is relatively popular among many fans of Naruto often having ranked in the top ten in Shonen Jump magazines popularity polls since his introduction. He was first ranked in the third character popularity poll ranked in 11th place. He was ranked 9th place during the fourth popularity poll and 6th place in the fifth popularity poll. During the sixth popularity poll he again was ranked in 11th place. In the last poll he was ranked in 5th place. Itachi was born into the Uchiha clan and was praised by all as the best of his generation a genius above all others. Even by the standards of the battleadept Uchiha clan Itachis prowess far outshined all others. However not even his family friends or teachers could understand him. When he was only 4 Itachi had already witnessed countless lives lost due to the Third Great Shinobi World War which emotionally traumatized him and turned him into a pacifist. At age 7 he graduated from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class after only one year mastered the Sharingan at age 8 passed the Chunin Exams at age 10 and became ANBU Captain at age 13. According to Madara Uchiha Itachi also had a lover whom he killed during the Uchiha clan massacre. He was praised highly by his father who saw the familys future in Itachi hence neglecting his other son Itachis younger brother Sasuke. However during this time Itachi showed great affection towards his little brother Sasuke and even encouraged his father to come to the Academy when Sasuke was enrolled something their dad had otherwise forgotten by saying that he would not go to an important mission that would establish Itachi a place in the ANBU ranks otherwise. Personality Ever since his first appearance Itachi had always been mysterious and had acted as though he was hiding his true self. While flashbacks to his past showed that he was a compassionate brother and person his later acts and claims made it seem that this was mostly just an act. But surprisingly he genuinely was the compassionate brother he had once claimed to be although he hid this from the rest of the Akatsuki to protect Sasuke. As a member of Akatsuki he possessed incredible selfcontrol of his emotions. He constantly displayed an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected and even then he didnt lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance and fully justified any statements he made about his power even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities. In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja Itachi had equally impressive intelligence and was shown to be very wise. He was exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand as he was rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayed great intuition as he was almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as a wanted criminal and having murdered a significant portion of his family Itachi took no enjoyment in violence or combat instead preferring to avoid battle or if this was not possible end it as quickly as he could. Itachis only initial interest was in Akatsukis goals and his only loyalties appeared to be to the organization and its members seeming to put the organizations success and secrecy before everything else.As such Itachi got along with his partner Kisame much better than most other Akatsuki members did with their own partners. Kisame appeared to have a deep loyalty to Itachi immediately doing as he instructed and constantly looking out for his wellbeing. Itachi treated all of his fellow Akatsuki members to this same more respectful personality although his courtesy was rarely returned by the other members. However when he was in a genjutsu duel during his fight with Sasuke he cruelly claimed he had only let Sasuke live so that he could take Sasukes eyes and obtain his own Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan after which he then claimed the Uchiha clan had been nothing but tainted and evil since many members would kill their friends to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan and would take another Uchihas eyes to make its power permanent. Once the genjutsu was released he called it his true self implying his calm emotionless personality was also a facade. This persona was later revealed to be only an act to ensure that he would die by Sasukes hands his love for his younger brother being the fundamental aspect of his personality. Despite his status as an infamous shinobi his appearance was not the most intimidating apart from the intensity of his eyes. While living in Konoha he would regularly have a gentle and caring look in his eyes especially directed towards his younger brother. After joining Akatsuki he would regularly have a stern look to them. He was a fairly tall shinobi whose basic appearance was very much like the rest of his clan. He like all members of his clan possessed dark grey eyes and also had black hair that hung near his cheeks to frame his face. He also had the addition of a long ponytail in the back of his hair which he obscured with his Akatsuki cloak after joining the organization. Being brothers Itachi and Sasuke had a similar appearance but with subtle differences. Itachis hair color appeared slightly duller and with a softer flow to it without the spiky style at the back. His skin was also slightly darker. Itachis most distinguishing characteristics were the long pronounced creases under his eyes. When he lived in Konoha his casual clothes would consist of a black shirt with a large Uchiha clan symbol on the back of it and black pants with a weapons pouch strapped to them. When on duty he would wear the traditional ANBU uniform although he was never shown wearing a mask. As a member of Akatsuki he wore the traditional Akatsuki cloak and usually kept the center of it buttoned down. After his cloak was incinerated by Sasukes Kirin during their fight in Part II it was revealed that he still wore his casual clothes underneath it. Like almost all members of Akatsuki he wore the headband of his home village Konoha with a line gouged through it to symbolize his broken ties with the village although secretly he was actually still loyal to his village. Abilities Since a young age Itachis intellect and talent showed their brilliance in everything he did as even his teachers said his progress hardly required any help. In the few battles he had been seen in since the start of the series Itachi was shown to be an incredibly powerful ninja and easily one of the strongest in the Naruto series as demonstrated by his ability to easily defeat Deidara Sasuke Kakashi Hatake Kurenai Yuhi and Orochimaru twice who themselves are considered amongst the strongest ninjas in Naruto. Being a pacifist Itachi did not actively take part in battle typically only acting in selfdefense. Sharingan Being of the Uchiha Clan and as noted by Kakashi Itachi was a true successor of the Sharingan Eye. From a stationary position he would study an opponents movements with his Sharingan and respond accordingly often with a genjutsu. He could cast a genjutsu by merely pointing at or looking at someone and could similarly turn an opponents genjutsu against them with Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change. Itachi had trained so much with his eyes that he had reached the stage where he could have his Sharingan activated the entire time with minimal drain on his chakra levels. Mangekyo Sharingan Itachi possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan which increased his already great power and enabled him to use his most powerful techniques. With his left eye he could use Tsukuyomi a genjutsu that traps an opponents mind in an illusionary world torturing them for what seems like days in a matter of seconds.With his right eye he could use Amaterasu a ninjutsu which allowed him to create a black flame that he could direct by moving his eye to burn through seemingly anything in its path including fire itself. His final technique was Susanoo a technique that manifested itself as a spectral being labelled as the Raging God of Battle in the databook. It wielded the Totsuka Sword an ethereal sword with the ability to seal anything it pierces into the gourd that serves as its hilt and Yatas Mirror a shield that can reflect any attack. Zetsu a fellow Akatsuki member stated that Itachis mastery of the Sharingan combined with the legendary weapons of Susanoo made him invincible. Sources: and