Haru Nishimura


Haru is a fellow highschool student and a friend of Akiyuki's, and fairly skilled in martial arts. She is the first to encounter Xam'd on the destroyed bus, and after noticing that Xam'd is not an enemy, attacks the guard who tries to shoot him. She then follows Xam'd after he is attacked by a newly arrived Humanform enemy, and screams at him to stop fighting, subconciously calling him Akiyuki and realising who Xam'd's idendity is. However, it does little to stop him and she is eventually pulled in to the battle by Xam'd, who protects her whilst battling and eventually defeating the humanform. When Nakiami arrives to subdue the enraged Xam'd, Nakiami asks Haru several questions about Akiyuki and Xam'd, and renders Haru unconcious before she can ask any questions. Nakiami then takes Akiyuki away, leaving Haru to wonder what happened.

She later confesses her feelings that she loves Akiyuki to Furuichi.