Hayate Hisakawa

久川 颯, Haachan
Age: 14 Height: 151 cm Weight: 42 kg Birthday: June 16th Blood type: B Three sizes: 825682 cm Handedness: Right Hobbies: Fashion Visiting trendy shops Horoscope: Gemini Hometown: Tokushima The younger of the Hisakawa twins Hayate dreamed of being an idol long before her decision to audition. Despite their different interests and personalities she loves her older twin sister Nagi Hisakawahttps://anilist.co/character/141368/NagiHisakawa dearly and together they form the unit miroir. However Hayate initially disliked the idea of debuting with Nagi as a unit instead of individually. During her audition Hayate stated that she wanted to become an idol so she could be told that everyone likes her. Source: Project iMS