Seiya Ryuguin

竜宮院聖哉, Hero, Seiya Ryuuguin, Seiya Ryuguuin
Age: 17 Hair Color: Black Seiya is a very tall and handsome young man who is portrayed as extremely muscular under his armor with spiky yet still wellkept haircut that is down turned and leans to his right which is commonly seen covering his right eye but this is an effect caused by angles and it has never been seen obscuring his vision though as Seiya likely would not allow this In the manga his hair is more swept back unkempt and it seems to move around with his movement more than the anime black eyes he is almost always seen with a calm and pensive expression unless he is annoyed or angered and he is unanimously thought of as attractive by just about anyone he meets even gods or enemies. Seiya is defined by his overly cautious nature who refuses to face any enemy he isnt sure that he can beat and he will attack defeated enemies repeatedly on the off chance that they can revive themselves and worries that any stranger he meets could be an enemy or carry a deadly illness even his own partner. However his cautious nature also makes Seiya extremely diligent when it comes to preparing for future battles. Hell grind for levels for days at a time and is almost tireless in his training. Seiya also tends to speak bluntly to others and is quick to express his dissatisfaction with the opinions and actions of others. He seems rather inexperienced and ignorant of socialization as he has been unable to spot other peoples clear romantic feelings for him and has no trouble pouring holy water over strangers heads or picking hairs off Ristarte while she sleeps yet still is unaware of why these actions upset people. Despite coming off as a guy who doesnt care about anyone his actions are driven by a want to avoid harm or death coming to those he cares about even if it means pushing them away. In reality he truly cares about both the people around him and the world he must save. Seiya also seems to have no real hobbies or interests outside of things that will help him defeat his enemies. When confronted with things such as tasty food celebration or even sexual encounters he is always dismissive and uninterested. Source: