Azusa Odagiri


An old friend of Hatsumi (who has somewhat of a crush on him). They were very good friends when they were younger, he always protected her from Ryoki. He is a popular model doing magazine work and TV commercials. He dates Hatsumi for a short period, which ends when he reveals that it's for revenge on Hatsumi's father for supposedly having an affair with his now-deceased mother. He also reveals that the only reason he is modeling is to earn money to hire a private investigator to find out who his mother's lover is, so he can exact his revenge, who turns out to be Hatsumi's dad. He later engages in another investigation with Shinogu because Shinogu doubts it was Hatsumi's father. They eventually find out he was just being paid to be a scapegoat so Ryoki's dad, the real lover, could come out clean. Azusa pretended to love Hatsumi to get revenge on her Dad. In the end, Azusa told Kazama that he was going to find a way to hurt Hatsumi and Ryoki's relationship by getting Hatsumi and Shinogu together to get back at Ryoki's father.,he seems to have feelings for Hatsumi. (From: Wikipedia)