Dice Arisugawa

有栖川帝統, Dead or Alive
MC Name: Dead or Alive Division: Shibuya Birthday: July 7th Solo Song: 3EVEN and SCRAMBLE GAMBLE Quote: Love the life you live. Live the life you love. A compulsive gambler and one of the three members of Fling Posse alongside Yumeno Gentaro and Amemura Ramuda. He hates steady stable lifestyles. Hes so into gambling that hell bet his life as easily as hell bet money. Hes been surviving on his extreme lucky streak ever since he was born. He gambles for the thrill of it though he takes hexes and jinxes very seriously. He always carries his lucky dice and makes decisions based on his rolls. Due to constantly gambling most of his money away hes used to living in poverty and treasures anyone whos kind enough to give him food. Source: HypMic Wiki