Hiroka Souma

相馬 広香, Ice Queen
Hiroka is Yukisadas classmate during their first year of high school. While thought to be very beautiful she acts cold towards others so most people leave her alone she was given the nickname Tundra Queen due to her standoffish personality. During her juniorhigh school life she was bullied constantly and even did not go to school for a year because of it. In high school during exam time she gets help from Yukisadas older brother Nao as a tutor to go over things she learned in school. Some of her classmates from her juniorhigh still attempt to tease her though Yukisada does his best to encourage her and help to build back her selfesteem. Due to this Hiroka becomes quite attached to Yukisada and even one day confesses her love to him eventually Hiroka shares her first kiss with Yukisada. Hiroka is also very good at cooking. Source: Wikipedia