Finn Deimne

フィン・ディムナ, Braver
Race: Pallum Height: 119 cm 311 Affiliation: Loki Familia Level: 6 Skills: Pallum Spirit Noble Brave Dia Fianna Command Howl Ail mac Midna Magic: Hell Finegas Tir na Nog Weapon: Fortia Spear Spear Rolan Finn Deimne is the captain of the Loki Familia. Finn was born in a village located in a mountainous area and had bad memories of his life ever since he was born. He hated his parents and other Pallum as he wondered why they didnt try to use their intellect rather than submit to people who were stronger than them. Unlike them he began to gather knowledge secretly reading books at the village chiefs house and when he was caught he was described to be like a sage. When he was ten years old monsters attacked his village in the middle of the night causing him to try to help the village though he would have died if his parents hadnt protected him with their lives. Despite this the other Pallum abandoned them making him see despair through them. Nevertheless he also saw courage through his parents actions. After the other villagers arrived to get rid of the monsters he ran off to cry coming back the next morning to bury his parents himself. By that time he had a firm resolve to become the Pallums light and renamed himself Finn his thumb beginning to tingle in the process. Finn has a sharp mind being able to memorize complex things judge correctly and take action without hesitation. He cares for his Familia members safety. Finn also wants to bring hope to the Pallums through his efforts in the dungeon. To further his efforts he wishes to have a Pallum heir. Finn came to Orario to bring hope to the Pallum race. The Pallum race believed in the Goddess Phiana which was actually a group of knights that had been deified. When they realized that Phiana didnt exist the Pallum race fell into a decline. He came to Orario to give hope and pride for the Pallum currently in the world and those who would be born in the future by becoming one of the strongest adventurers in Orario.