Rena Ryuuguu

竜宮レナ, Reina
Birthday:Jul 28
Height: 158 cm 52 Rena is the main female protagonist of the question arcs and a girl who returned from Ibaraki to Hinamizawa one year ago she is in the same grade level as Keiichi. She is very kind and capable and takes care of Keiichi and her friends whenever possible but is also nave and is usually subject to light teasing by Keiichi whom she has a crush on. She is distinguished by her obsession with things she perceives as adorable calling them kii a slurred form of kawaii meaning cute. Those tend to be moekko characters or items she finds while scouring the local dump which are not considered cute by others. Despite this disarming trait Rena is shown to be amazingly observant and perceptive about the things around her.